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Kevin O'Brien Velvet Striped Ogee Antique

Striped Ogee Antique

Kevin O'Brien Striped Ogee Antique

These handcrafted decorative pillows express unique design and colors. Dyes are mixed in customized colors and applied in several layers to give each design its dazzling appearance.

Please note that with any handcrafted product, colors may vary from samples.

Silk/Rayon - 10 sizes available.

This is a special order item. A 60% deposit is required on all orders. Usually ships in 4-6 weeks, but due to the nature of the various fabric processes involved, a longer shipping period may be necessary.

More Colors:
Kevin O'Brien Striped Ogee See the complete collection. Available colors include Antique, Aqua, Dusk, Pink/Gold.

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